How I make more money as a stay at home mom than my husband

Wouldn’t it be great if you made more money from home than your husband?

Yes, I think the same way!

You should have seen the face of my husband when I told him that I make more money from home as he does in his day job! It looked a little bit like this:

Angry baby

That is why I decided to take the fate in my own hands and started my own business during the last months of my pregnancy (this blog is a part of it). As I expected to fail, I started out secretly. But I succeeded and now I generate a high 5 figure income with my own websites as a stay at home mom – and my (Mr. I am absolutely not jealous and support what you do) husband joined me.

Today I want to help my poor husband with his own website (in your face baby I love you) and drive some traffic to his new how to make money online dot com tutorial:

So if you feel sorry for him or want to make some money yourself – click here:

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PS: We have this agreement, that who ever makes less money has to take care of our daughter at night. So if you don’t want to make money online but want to support my husband by getting him some sleep, please share!